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  • Courtney W.
    Grounded & Glowing has been absolutely life changing! As a new mom, I quickly began to feel overwhelmed with the guilt and anxiety that accompanied my new role in life. I loved taking care of my baby but the weight of this new responsibility was extremely heavy and led to constant stress and anxiety attacks. Jenni's Grounded & Glowing teachings opened my eyes to different strategies and techniques for releasing that stress, letting go of my anxiety, and truly embracing my new purpose and calling as a mother. I have never felt more confident in my ability to care for my family in such an impacting and positive way. Jenni not only taught me so much but she has also personally prayed over me and my specific transformation and journey. Her heart for mothers is unparalleled in our society and she is truly a blessing to the maternal health field. I am forever grateful for this amazing program and the personal change it has influenced in my life and the impact that will have on my family.
    Courtney W.
  • Kelsi B.
    "Before going through Grounded + Glowing, I would’ve never expected the transformation that would occur in my life as a wife, mother and believer. I have spent a lot of time striving for perfection, living in a world of comparison and, as a result, feeling ungrateful in the present moment. Jenni’s teachings through Grounded + Glowing not only opened my eyes to the areas of my life that need renewal, it gave me actionable steps to come out of them victoriously. I am walking away more empowered than I have ever been before. I don’t have to be perfect. My path is no one else’s. Instead of putting all my energy into steering the ship, I need to step back and trust God to lead the way. I am so excited for every woman that will have the opportunity to experience this program and walk away better than they were before."
    Kelsi B.
  • Jessica Z.
    Before Grounded + Glowing, I was striving for perfection and feeling very ungrateful for what I had right in front of me. I felt like I was always yelling at my kids and not spending enough time with my husband because I wanted to get ahead with work in my business. I never expected to go through a transformation while learning about each principle. Even as a women who doesn't practice Christianity, I found that Jenni picked the perfect scriptures, principles, and quotes for this program and they were easy to implement into my daily routine. While listening to Jenni, I had heard her talk about de-stressing because it just lead to more stress. That's when the light bulb went off. Why was I yelling at my kids? Because I was stressed out because had so much on my plate because I wanted to concur everything. After Grounded + Glowing, I started taking an extra second to be grateful for the present and handling what needed to be done now and what can wait till later. I have since noticed such a calmer feel in our house and everyone is having their needs meet! Jenni has put together such a great program and I am excited to be able to share it with other women who are looking to just get unstuck in their life.
    Jessica Z.
  • Alessandra D.
    I started as a woman, wife and mother of an 8 month old adorable boy... feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, struggling with anxiety and looking for a solution but unable to find one. G+G has been deep work filled reflection and self love. After these 7 weeks I am a different person. I am a stronger woman, I do not feel overwhelmed anymore, I do not feel panic or anxiety... I am grounded and I am glowing in every moment of my life. It's not a magic pill, G+G gave me the tools to live the life that I want, serving my family in happiness and grace. Setbacks happen, but I feel in control of my mind, I am able to recognize them and heal. I trust that everything happens for a reason, enrolling for G+G has been the best decision that I have made.
    Alessandra D.
  • Taylor P.
    Motherhood is a beautiful world full of unexpected chaos, chaos that is easy to get lost in. I found that I started to lose myself in the daily duties I truly love so much. I became somewhat of a robot and slowly I felt less and less motivated, I was less passionate and I was overwhelmed. Daily tasks became mundane... my motherhood was being stripped from me and I wasn't even aware. The week before I started Grounds and Glowing, my sweet husband pulled me aside and asked me the simple question "What do you like to do for yourself? Who are you except 'mom'?" And I couldn't answer that question. Fast forward to today, I truly feel grounded and GLOWING in motherhood. I love my children and I love serving my family and I needed a reboot to find myself where I was lost. I came to realize that I wasn't taking care of myself, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. I needed more Jesus, I needed more me time, and all of this HELPS my family where before I thought it would harm them. Taking time for me felt selfish, and now I host a women's group at church, I joined a gym, and I actually make my day purposeful and thank goodness. Because my children have their mommy back. And we needed that. I needed that.
    Taylor P.
  • Sarah D.
    I remember messaging Jen and asking if the Blossom to Be Fit community would be for me? I am 43, already a mom and almost an empty nester but I loved the content of her blog and Instagram Account. Then when the Grounded and Glowing program information came out, I again questioned, "is this for me?" YES, it is!! I also believe this program is for any woman regardless of age or the season of life you are in. Grounded and Glowing reminded me that first and foremost. our Heavenly Father loves us REGARDLESS. I had lost this feeling and Jen was able to help me see this again through her teachings. This program helped me to reflect inwardly and deeply to really understand who I am. Jen always presents with excitement, kindness, love and a Christ like attitude that I felt throughout every lesson/principle. I would highly recommend this program to any woman as it is truly amazing!
    Sarah D.
  • Laura S.
    When I had first heard Jenni talk about her program, Grounded and Glowing and I also had read about it in the Blossom to be Fit community it spoke to me because I knew I had some serious issues that were causing havoc for me. I was a pro at stuffing many things so they didn't bother me nor anyone else, or so I thought. Great plan, right? After a bit of prayer, I listened to the Lord's nudging and have been so grateful ever since. The Grounded & Glowing transformation that I feel and that others have noticed is remarkable! I realized I was not leading my fullest or best life, making myself unhealthy in mind, body and soul. I did not have the energy to help the numerous people I am in contact with weekly. If my cup is always empty how can I give to others? From using the many tools Jenni gave us in her videos, also known as her "Jenni preaches," I found ways to re-evaluate my life and make changes. I quit stuffing and started examining. I have begun to put myself first, most importantly, I have forgiven myself. "You cannot love without forgiving" and it starts with forgiving yourself. I may be working on something at all times, but the way Jenni presents different principals along with giving you everyday tools, is truly remarkable, therefore, I will succeed! I am so grateful that I enrolled in Grounded and Glowing, I have a blueprint for the next season of my life, even if it changes daily. I will be able to de-escalate my stress, anxiety, panic, fear or any other issues that occur. I can make healthy choices for myself, allowing me to give to others. You are never alone, along with the fantastic ladies you will meet in the class you also have a wonderful resource in Jenni. She reveals her personal struggles, ensuring you become Grounded and Glowing. This course is a fantastic experience, intense and raw at times, but Oh-So-Worth-It!! I definitely have become Grounded and Glowing!
    Laura S.

Mommy Membership

  • Laura S.
    When I first considered joining Blossom To Be Fit, I thought I was crazy! I had heard Jenni talk about the podcasts, recipes and other aspects of the community. I looked around the site, saw some stuff I thought was interesting, BUT knew it was not for me..... I was not a Mom, therefore it could not be for me! Boy, was I wrong!! There is something for everyone, regardless of your status or role. Blossom To Be Fit offers different programs, recipes, podcasts, and, of course gifts, (and who doesn't like free stuff!). Jenni is truly remarkable, she is positive, full of energy, and can make you laugh at any the time, so smiling even when talking about serious issues that may make you feel extremely uncomfortable is truly amazing. It is as if it is just you and her, one on one during her programs and that is truly remarkable! I had begun making healthy choices regarding my nutrition and eating clean prior to joining, but I found that the Blossom To Be Fit recipes has made it so easy to eat healthy and delicious food! I feel energized and refreshed as I make and eat different foods. I have gotten terrific ideas on how to streamline items in my home and ways to purge, while ensuring I have what I need. I am so grateful I listened to Jenni and took the plunge, it was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Mentally and physically I have seen growth in myself that has occurred due to a wide range of inspirational, exceptional, and educational podcasts. There will be one, if not all, that you will love. Being a part of this community is wonderful for a variety of reasons, one of the best is the feedback from others on their journey. We are all in different seasons of life and it is fantastic to connect with other ladies that may have dealt with something you are going through or you may be able to help someone with whatever they are facing. I am so glad I have a new group of ladies I consider friends! If you are debating joining, don't procrastinate any longer, you will certainly get more out of it than you do most things. I am truly blessed to be part of the Blossom To Be Fit community!!!
    Laura S.
  • Kadie P.
    I had been casually following Blossom to be Fit on instagram, until I saw another testimony. That's when I really decided to look into it and see what it is all about. And I am so glad I did! I am loving being apart of this amazingly warm and encouraging group! It is so nice to be apart of such a well-rounded program. It isn't just about losing weight or eating healthy; its about the whole you as a person. It's about your physical, mental, and spiritual health. I love that there are so many tools available and yet, you can use what works for you. There is no mandatory diet and exercise program you have to use. The encouragement is to find what works for you and then work it. And the interaction with Jennifer has been amazing! I know there are many ladies in this community, but when you watch a video or have email correspondence with her, you truly feel like you are the only person on her radar and that is something really special.
    Kadie P.
  • Addie K.
    After my son was born two years ago, I lost myself in motherhood. I fell into the trap of giving everything I had to my son and husband, while putting my needs on the back burner. By the time my son was 18 months, my negative self talk was horrific. My relationship with God was minuscule. My marriage was on the rocks. My heart was subpar and my happiness was almost nonexistent. At my lowest point, I understood that I put myself in this position and I had to make changes to take care of my mental health and physical wellbeing. One day, a post on Jenni's Instagram page caught my attention. From then on, I immersed myself into everything Blossom To Be Fit had to offer. Jenni helped me find that taking time for myself would help make me a better disciple, wife, and mother. I will never forget the moment when my husband said, "What are you doing differently? You've been acting so much happier." That's when I knew the Blossoming lifestyle and teachings were changing me from the inside, out. The Blossoming Membership and the Get Glowing Book Guide were two products that really took my holistic health to the next level. The videos, recipes, podcasts, journal prompts, workout ideas, and goal setting all have made my journey to holistic wellness easy and fun. I've never felt more in control of my health and happiness with the encouragement and guidance from everything Jenni has to offer. With Jenni's help, I'm taking care of myself, mind, body, and soul. Every aspect of my life has changed for the better (it's that holistic lifestyle, y'all!). Jenni pours her heart into everything she does for the Blossom To Be Fit community. Her words are encouraging, knowledgeable, and life giving. She breaths light into women in every season of life and makes healthy living easy, understandable, and fun. Not only does she provide amazing learning content, she has created the most beautiful community of life-minded women who I now call my friends. If you need a place to go for health, happiness, marriage, motherhood, or fitness, the Blossoming Community is where you need to be!
    Addie K.
  • Kelsi B.
    In the short time I have been a member of Blossom To Be Fit, I have completely rediscovered and reevaluated what it means to be a healthy person and mother. Jenni's teachings have inspired me to think about how my health and wellness practices nurture my whole self - mind, body and spirit. This shift has positively impacted my relationship with my husband, my children and everyone else around me. I nurture myself by spending time in the Word every single day. I replaced reality TV with soul-nourishing books and podcasts. My refrigerator and pantry are stocked with wholesome, organic, healthful ingredients. The biggest shift? I am practicing these efforts guilt-free. I am still a work in progress but, with the encouragement that comes from this community, I am constantly reminded to keep at it. I am so grateful for all that Blossom To Be Fit has to offer. It's a joyful, passionate, encouraging group of women who are all doing their best to thrive as individuals and mothers. I can't wait to see what the rest of this membership unfolds!
    Kelsi B.
  • Kathryn V.
    My experience as a Blossom To Be Fit Woman has been rewarding. The posts help me realize the more important things in life. I've picked up my bible more this year than I have in the past, I've tried out healthier choices in foods. Until now, I've never seen these recipes. Including smoothies! Jennifer has posted how simple it is to be natural and healthy, yet still make meals taste delicious. This is such a positive community and I've never seen anything else like it! 3 benefits from being a member: Number one would be the access to all the information on the website that goes along with the Facebook community group. You'll never feel alone in this journey, Jennifer or other ladies in the Blossom To Be Fit community will answer all questions and help you through any struggle you're facing ex. Fertility struggles, weight management, and help with knowing what products are the best and what to stay away from. The third thing is you'll find confidence, either in yourself or the foods you’re putting in your body. You won't have to second guess because Jennifer has done the hard work and research to ensure what she shares is the best for us and our bodies.
    Kathryn V.
  • Marisa A.
    So far, as a Blossom To Be Fit Member, I have learned beyond amazing recipes, that are gluten free, taste great, and are (for once) healthy for me. I always save stuff, but it looks scary to try and I'm not sure if it's because I feel like I know Jennifer or if I just trust that they will actually be good, but I take the time to make them and try them. I have also learned to turn to God more and to be more outspoken about Him and His will for us. Jennifer encourages me daily and seems to always push me through the rough waters of life to a positive place again. Becoming a member has impacted my life by helping me stay healthier and on track. By pushing me to be a better woman, a better person, and to handle life more positively. To look deeper at myself and find that inner warrior in myself, a woman I always wanted to be or become and with her help I'm slowly becoming her. I am looking forward to ANY new recipes and her podcast. Those podcasts are life savers most days! I really hope she knows the impact she has on women because if you wanted to impact one person you have impacted me. Thanks for listening to your calling and being brave enough to do it at all cost. It's amazing!
    Marisa A.

Blossoming Mommy and Baby


  • Jen S.
    I went through the prenatal care portion and have loved learning everything that Jenni has offered to teach about. I love how she breaks down everything in an easy way to understand each topic. She is so personable with how she presents each topic. I was surprised to learn how soy isn't as good for you as I thought. Time to make a change to having almond milk more often! I cannot wait to start the next modules! This really has inspired me to be more holistic in all areas of my life! I also love that she focuses on Spirituality and that she is a Christian as well! I think that I could keep going on, but I will stop here. I cannot wait to go through the Pregnancy Care, Postnatal Care, and Infant Massage!
    Jen S.
  • Amber C.
    Jenni's community, Blossoming Mommy + Baby, is a wonderful resource in an area where information in our society is lacking. This is a well-rounded comprehensive program, complete with brand name recommendations of products she actually uses herself as well as informational and educational handouts following the lessons. I am not actively trying to conceive currently, however, with Jenni's tips, I am preparing my body and environment for the prenatal process by cleaning up my lifestyle. I am a registered nurse who has spent my career in women's healthy/OB and I still learned a wealth of knowledge! Thank you, Jenni for all of your hard work while putting this community together and sharing it with us!
    Amber C.
  • Kenna B.
    When I started the BMAB program I was TTC but I am happy to announce that I am now expecting my 2nd little one! I was actually very optimistic about the BMAB program. We had been struggling to conceive for a while now and had recently gotten to know Jenni fairly well so I really trusted her knowledge and advice. My hope in joining the program was to become more knowledgeable about how to increase fertility through personal care, wellness, and health and learn to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Through this program, I have gained wisdom and insight on how different foods and health choices can affect fertility. I loved Jenni's recommendations for increasing fertility such as her Fertility Smoothie Recipes ( LOVE!!!), but I think my favorite part of the program is the online community- daily encouragement/advice, healthy/fun snack ideas for toddlers, food/health education, interaction with other mamas and a loving, joyful community. Everyday I am excited to see what will be posted in the online community! There are also exclusive emails that go out with fun recipes and exciting tips for mamas! This program definitely encouraged me to keep going during our conception struggle and now encourages me daily as I move forward in my pregnancy. I am now in my second trimester but my nausea is still going strong, so I love the healthy tips and snack ideas. I learned from BMAB plus I love the quick snack and play ideas for my toddler since I don't always feel up to cooking or running around with him at the moment. More than anything, I just love the positivity and encouragement of the program! Put your fears aside and give BMAB a try! it is so worth it and you will ABSOLUTELY love Jenni and all she has to offer through this program! If nothing else, you will receive daily encouragement and who doesn't need more positivity in their life? This program is seriously so helpful and worth the investment. You and your littles are worth it!
    Kenna B.
  • Sarah H.
    Jenni has turned my outlook around on becoming a Mom. she ignited a fire in me to better myself so that my future baby can grow and blossom. I was nervous bout becoming a new momma. I am now confident that I have the tools to continue on my pregnancy journey thanks to this amazing gal! Jenni, you have been a light in my life from the start of this program. I was so excited to learn each lesson from you. I carry my notebook with all your classes in my purse with me at all times so I am equipped everyday. Your commitment to guiding women who are new moms (as well as veteran moms) is heartwarming. Thank you for shaping my path to motherhood! I can't stop telling my husband about all I learned from your classes!
    Sarah H.
  • Jessica S.
    Before starting the Blossoming Mommy and Baby program, I was nervous about a lot of things. This will be our first child and there was so much I didn't know. I was worried about everything I needed to do to make sure that I would have a health pregnancy. After the program I feel so much more prepared. I feel like I have done everything in my power to make sure that my baby has a healthy start to life. This program was not only super informative, but it was fun! Jenni makes her videos something to look forward to watching. She is so "real" for lack of a better word. It is a great supplement to any book on the subject because the videos are far from boring :). The Blossoming Mommy and Baby Community that Jenni has set up is an amazing place for all women at any stage in their pregnancy journey to ask questions and share stories. And on top of that, Jenni shares the most amazing recipes! I highly recommend the program
    Jessica S.