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Jennifer Blossom, OTD, OTR, Founder of Blossom To Be Fit
Jennifer Blossom is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor® and Holistic Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Jennifer specializes in maternal and pediatric health and is OBSESSED with helping Mommas get grounded and absolutely glowing during Motherhood and beyond. After overcoming years of extreme anxiety, anorexia, and complete lifestyle overwhelm, Jennifer's greatest desire is to help educate women around the world on the importance of living a beautifully nourished life through physical, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional well-being.

Learn How I've Taught Hundreds of Women How To Break Free From Mommy Guilt + Exhaustion!

Here is what you will learn: 

  • The simple 4-step blueprint I used for MASTERING extreme burnout, anxiety, and panic (psst... if I can do it, so can you, Momma!)

  • Why you MUST stop playing the "COMPARISON GAME" on social media and how to ditch Mommy Wars for good.

  • How to discover your MOMMY INTUITION with this exact 4-step process (and how to apply it with confidence, faith, and empowerment to your LIFE!)

  • Why you must stop living on an EMPTY cup! (Ouch, right? Sister- sacred self-care routines, consistency, and nourishment are my jam. I'll show you why inside!)

  • 15 Life Changing Mommy Must-Haves

  • Pure MOMMY BLISS, and much, much more!

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